Countries Starting with Y

How many countries starting with letter Y? There are 2 countries that start with the letter “Y.” Here is a detailed description of each:

1. Yemen (English: Yemen)

Nestled on the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is a country steeped in history and culture. The capital city, Sana’a, is renowned for its ancient Old City, characterized by its distinctive mud-brick architecture and labyrinthine streets. Yemen’s rich heritage is evident in its archaeological sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shibam and the ancient city of Zabid. Despite its challenges, Yemen’s natural beauty, including the Socotra archipelago and the rugged landscapes of Wadi Hadramawt, continues to captivate travelers.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Capital: Sana’a
  • Largest City: Sana’a
  • Population: Over 30 million
  • Area: 527,968 square kilometers
  • Official Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Yemeni Rial
  • Political System: Unitary Parliamentary Republic

2. Yugoslavia (Former) (English: Yugoslavia)

Yugoslavia was a country in Southeast Europe that existed from 1918 to 2003. It comprised several republics, including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. Yugoslavia was known for its diverse ethnic and cultural makeup, as well as its tumultuous history, including the breakup and conflicts in the 1990s. While Yugoslavia no longer exists as a unified state, its legacy lives on in the shared histories and cultural ties of its successor states.

These are the countries starting with the letter “Y” along with brief descriptions.